Biology Seminar Series

Spring 2022 Schedule

2/11 [in person] Dr. Catherine Foley, NOAA Northeast Fisheries Center

“Leveraging quantitative methods and emerging technologies for marine conservation”

2/18 [in person]  Eman Khwaja, MS Proposal Defense

2/25 [virtual] Rob Denton, Marian University, Salamander and Amphibian Genomics

Unisexual salamanders: The genomic, evolutionary, and ecological consequences of strange reproduction

3/4 [virtual], Emilie Snell-Rood, University of Minnesota, Behavioral Plasticity

3/11 Spring Break

3/18 [virtual] Crista Wadsworth, RIT, Anti-microbial resistance in bacteria

3/25{in person] Emma Berdan, Gothenburg University

“Dynamic Variants: Determining the Evolutionary Significance of Supergenes”

4/1 [virtual] Kaitlyn Gaynor, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

4/8 [virtual] Yusan Yang, Washington University in St. Louis

*4/13 Wednesday, 1PM Brittany A Velikaneye, PhD Proposal Defense, LARTS 213*

4/15 TBA

4/22 Nicole Whelpley, MS Proposal Defense, LIB 314

4/28 Joe Warren, MS Proposal Defense, SENG 115

5/13 Gabriella Thomas, MS Proposal Defense, LIB 314