Graduate student Brittany Velikaneye receives GREG

Brittany Velikaneye, Integrative Biology PhD student in the Kozak lab was awarded a Graduate Research Excellence Grant (GREG) Rosemary Grant Advanced Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE) for her research on the “Regulatory role of DNA methylation in temperature-induced plasticity.”

Congratulations Brittany!

Kozak lab at ESEB 2022

Our symposium (co-organized with David Marques and Joana Meier) “A combinatorial view on rapid speciation – the role of ancient genetic variants and hybridisation” had an excellent set of speakers and posters talking about the role of introgression in speciation!

There was also a poster presentation on “Life-stage specific reproductive responses to temperatures in the European corn borer moth”, featuring research from a large experiment by PhD student Brittany Velikaneye.


New publication and preprint

Work by former honors undergraduate Arielle Enos on how temperature changes reproductive investment in less preferred mates is published in Ecology and Evolution!

A new preprint on the “Consequences of coupled barriers to gene flow for the build-up of genomic differentiation: reproductive barriers and coupling in corn borers” is now available: